Dracula In Love by Karen Essex

Dracula In Love by Karen Essex was a true pleasure to read. The story is a period piece as Bram Stoker’s story was but told from the feminine point of view making it an exceptional read. The author allows the reader to see how psychiatric patients and victorian era women were treated. Which was very disturbing being a male from the twentieth century into the twenty-first makes me shudder from the lack of rights for patients and women. It reminds us all the importance of rights now taken for granted by so many. It also is a wakeup call for us all to protect those legal rights. Her name in this lifetime Wilhelmina was given the choice of having a child as well as raising it with all of the responsibilities that entails. How quickly men who do not bear children decide what is moral. Perhaps we need to remember who it is that has this lot given to them. As in the story her spiritual partner ‘The Count’ allowed her this choice knowing that it in the end it must be her choice. What a great read. Bye for now, Will.7763145

Catch Me, by Lisa Gardener

Author Lisa Gardner spins a captivating and disturbing tale in Catch Me. She is a master at keeping the reader guessing who is the killer adding to that by hitting the reader with suspense from plots within the story. I always can count on a good with her books because they could be real life stories ripped from the front page news. Catch Me was a frightening turn into the Munchausens by proxy as told by the victim surviving this treatment. Being a nurse it is a very difficult disease to recognise in a caregiver for they are very convincing with their concerns for the patient. My heart went out to Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant  the main character made strong by the challenges forced upon her at such an early age. This is Lisa Gardner at her best scarring the reader. I am watching for her soon to be released book to be released this year the next story with Nancy Bush, Something Wicked was a great read. Bye for now, Will.11720382

City of Bones

City of Bones written by Cassandra Clare is written for young adults however as an old one I truly enjoyed it. Her imagination combined with knowledge and use of different genres was delicious for a supernatural fan. The reader is taken on an adventure with the young protagonist Clary Fray who was intentionally kept in the dark about her families dark and rich past. With each shocking discovery the reader is taken with Clary deeper into a world that is obscured from most of us as it had been to her. Frightening turn of events keep our young protagonist and the reader on their toes wanting more. I will be looking forward to reading the next book. This book was a good read that a friend in our undeclared book club at office shared with me.256683

The Sneaker Tree by Phil Taylor

The Sneaker Tree is a young adult story good for all readers. Phil Taylor has honed his skill as a story teller in the The Sneaker Tree, it has humor that had me laughing out loud on my break at work causing people to look. The group of friends reminds me of just how much fun my life was at 12, unaware and disregarding my parents warnings of life outside our street, neighborhood, and Strawberry Park with its baseball diamond.  This tale has a darker side to it that we all must face in our modern society murder. The author takes youth at the cusp of going into adolescence and spins a truly masterful  story as one of my favorite writers does, Stephen King whom is incredibly talented to say the least. Phil Taylor I will be waiting for your next book. What a good read. Bye for now,Will.19492445

In Too Deep

Jayne Ann Krentz spins another good mystery with murder and intrigue with In Too Deep, from the Arcane Society series. This is certainly not your typical paranormal adventure for the reader. Her story gives depth to the characters pulling your interest in quickly. I liked the use of her characters having different talents, (intuitive,psychic or clairvoyant) making for an interesting story. While Isabella a victim of corporate espionage escapes danger like an onion different groups and people are unmasked as to their part in a conspiracy from that runs deep within international governmental agencies yet to be reviled  . The private investigator of Jones & Jones is without doubt a character of interest and depth, not to mention the heated relationship that develops between him and Isabella. Jayne Ann Krentz gives the reader some sizzling love making scenes without making the reader blush. After reading her previous a previous book Fired Up, book one of the Dreamlight trilogy I was looking forward to this one and will be a fan reading others from the Arcane Society series. Bye for now, Will. 8331368

Lover Avenged: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

At first I was intimidated, when a book has a glossary of terms and proper nouns, I had to ask myself was this going to be fun reading? I am so glad I continued on.  I accept any blame for the confusion and intimidation as this was my first time reading a book from The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Understanding now without doubt why J.R. Ward is a best selling author  After a chapter or two I was intrigued by an assassination plot that was being put into motion. Rehvenge the hero/protagonist has lavender eyes but do not let your guard down he is a sympathy and a fighter. Even the characters names are interesting, which was cool. Also it is refreshing to have a nurse (Ehlena) as a main female lead and get this, she’s good hearted and moral. What an enjoyable reading experience,  intrigue and suspense to keep the story moving along at a good pace very creative. J. R. Ward has her hand on the pulse of life to make a story current. I will be looking forward to reading her next book. Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7)

22 Britannia Road

Amanda Hodgkinson writes a story about a family recovering from war. This story takes place in the aftermath of  WWII, however it could have been any place and time. There are so many levels to this story that it is like an onion as you peel one layer another one increasing the depth of the story presents itself. Amanda Hodgkinson’s book 22 Britannia Road is an excellent read. From the physical to psychological her characters present levels that give them humanity in their depth. The story delves not just into the life of a young couple in Poland that become separated from each other, but the many lives that touched by theirs. Janusz the young husband joins the army while his wife Silvana choses to stay in Warsaw with their 18 month old son. Just knowing the history of Poland during WWII as in many European cities terrible atrocities are put to the people there. The situation for both Silvana and Janusz quickly deteriorates as winter comes leaving they struggling to survive outdoors. Just as then, now within Syria there are unimaginable incidents of inhumane acts yet happening all over again. The story takes the reader back in time and then to the present allowing you to know where the characters were during the war thus helping the reader reader to understand their motivations. I never realized how important ‘Solidarity’ was for the Polish people. I will never be able to think of culture that is Polish without being happy for their freedom. This book is sure to please, but also it makes television war human, not something that you can turn off once you have had enough. Bye for now,Will.10158656